Embassy in Kuwait

All practical information on our Embassy in Kuwait.

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Who's who and jurisdiction of our Embassy in Kuwait.
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The Embassy in Kuwait is responsible for Kuwait and Bahrain.

Who's who?

Diplomatic Chancery
H.E. Christian DOOMS, Ambassador
Mr. Adil EL MADANI, Deputy Head of Mission
Dr. Hanan HASHEM, Assistant to the Ambassador

Commercial Section (Brussels Region)
Ms Laurence HEYBLOM, Economic and Commercial Counsellor  
Ms. Nala HELOUI, Assistant to the Economic and Commercial Counsellor 

Consular Section
Ms. Éliane NASR, Consular assistant
Ms. Frida WEHBÉ, Receptionist/Consular Officer

Defense Mission
Commander of Staff Nico HOORNAERT (Abu Dhabi)